Writing...Is Life.

It's when that leaf opens without any sound or when that mountain dances with beauty-   We're alive! 
When more than was lost has been found, and having is giving and giving is living...
that is when writing becomes like a hand arranging picture frames, onto which people look.

I created justaWOMAN specifically to showcase my writing projects.  
It's a place holder where all my projects begin...

I ama writer. 
There!  I said it!   I...am...a...writer!
Allowing myself to claim this part of me - a writer - has been the seed beneath the snow. 
When my husband transitioned out of the physical very suddenly in 2014,
it was the spark that blew in the wind of grief to ignite the ember inside of me.
There is this place at the center of my soul that calls out, "WRITE!  WRITE!" 
I can not ignore it any longer.

As with everything, I am a work in progress.  
Last year started out with a newsletter that just didn't take off.  
I appreciate all the support but it just didn't come together.
It did prime the writing pump.
 The idea of writing a blog in conversation with my late husband came into form.
The idea of being a copywriter came to life.
The idea to monetize a website all about my adventures in Colorado with my lovely family took shape.
The idea to develop a signature 8-week program on how to create the life you want with your emotions took off.  
And it all started here last January.

So stay in the loop at justintheLOOP.  There is always more to come...

All photography provided by Lucretia Holcomb.




The Ink Stand is my copywriting business.  My family is my why!  I am a Freelance Copywriter.  I really love to write and I am a member of AWAI.  My core offering involves stepping in as your social media expert, developing a landing page for your product and then a newsletter or email series that leverages the data captured from the landing page launch. I also write effective blog post, website content and produce webinars for product sales. Any of these services are tailored to your brand.




Coming Soon in 2017...Soul Mountain Mama is a web site you will enjoy following, I promise!  I post reviews of the different Colorado activities I do with my two lovely children, Colorado restaurant we like and don't like,  places that are worth your time (or not) to visit in Colorado and general interesting  information about my favorite state in the Union, Colorado!  You will not be disappointed!


Conversations with my Dead Husband is a blog that is about me and my husband, Bradley.   Bradley died very suddenly in my arms, on a dark night under a full moon in 2014.   His transition awakened something in me that most people call soul.   Grief has been non-linear and I am forever a changed person.   This blog is my voice I have with him.



I am a Freelance Copywriter.    

I love social media!  Social Media is the darling of most marketing hipsters these days.   I can help you navigate that scene which for many seem overwhelming and scary.  I can assist in aligning your marketing goals with your social media presence.  Let's get creative together.  

For more information click here >>> The Ink Stand.  

Follow me on LinkedIn >>> The Ink Stand Company Page.


I am excited to announce that in 2017, ER for Life  will go live.   In addition to the online class, I will be offering monthly 4 hour workshops called Reset Your Mindset.  The workshops will begin the Summer of 2017! YEAH!!   And stay tuned, I am developing a weekend retreat...

ER for Life stands for Emotional Recalibration for Life.    
What the heck is that?  We all have emotions.  Few of us know what they mean, where they come from and how to use them to create the life we dream about daily.   Our emotions have a very deliberate purpose in our life.   Emotions are our guidance system to our desires so think of them like the hot/cold game you played as a child.  

This 8 week Signature Program is what I was looking for many years ago. As a child of parents who lacked Emotion IQ, I was emotional neglected.   Yeah, that's a real thing.  It took me years to find it out and then to heal it and not be embarrassed by lack of understand when it came to my emotions.    It was a great teacher.   I went beyond understand my emotions to understanding how to use my emotions to create my life. It is It was my T3 Line (Turning Thoughts to Things).  Emotions are your T3 Line too.

Do you think that is woo-woo and doesn't work?  Do you find yourself frustrated that you can't  seem to get what you want as you watch others achieve success with ease?

This program may be exactly what you need. 

It is an online program that at purchase you can add on modules where you get some one and one time with me.   There will be a live Q&A and best of all...it is yours for keep.   You can back and do it the 8 week class or just one module over and over.

Stay posted on the release of ER for Life by subscribing to justintheLOOP