This is Charlie.  

He has lived with us for the last 2 1/2 years. He asked to join the Boulder Gnome Rebellion and we could not say no to him.   He spoke of how much he wanted to join the Front de Liberation des Nains de Jardins (FLNJ) or the Garden Gnome Liberation Front when it rose to notoriety for its “rescues” of imprisoned garden gnomes in 2001.    Unfortunately, at that time his owners would not let him go since they were afraid for his safety.     

He came to our lives a few months after my husband and children's father left the physical very suddenly.   We miss Bradley, however, we know he has gone onto his own other adventures much like Charlie.   Charlie has filled a space for us!   He has promised to return to help with our beloved garden.   He said 2017 will be best yield ever.  We all believe in Charlie and wish him well in his current travels and association with the Gnome Rebellion. 



We are still working on this.   Yes - 2017 and this has not come together for us.   We continue our unschooling journey and so we ebb and flow with current interest.  We will come back to this when the time is right; And it will be a book that my children and I write together about our dog Raphael. 

The Adventures of Raphael begin with the videos below. 

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